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The goal of our 20+ year T32 (T32DK07737) Basic Science GI Fellowship Training Program is to develop the future academic and scientific leaders in gastroenterology research.  To accomplish this goal we:

  1. Identify, recruit and foster the career development of outstanding postdoctoral scientists of diverse backgrounds who are committed to training and career development in interdisciplinary gastrointestinal biomedical research;
  2. Match trainee strengths and interests with complementary mentoring teams;
  3. Provide intensive mentored research experience and training;
  4. Teach research approaches using cutting-edge techniques that sustain independent research careers;
  5. Provide career mentoring, including training on successful grant and manuscript preparation;
  6. Bring together faculty and fellows through seminar series and other academic activities. This helps to foster an interactive training community that emphasizes career development and interdisciplinary education;
  7. Interface clinicians and clinician-scientists with basic investigators among both trainees and mentors to provide broad understanding of disease pathophysiology, mechanisms and treatment.

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